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3-Card Reading for H.S.

H.S. has requested an interpretation of the above cards that were drawn according to the protocol of silently completing the sentence, “Please give me some insight into __________.” H.S. has not told me what (s)he has put into the blank space. The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit. Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier. If we include the summary card, there are three fives (king=14=1+4=5)  in this mini-reading, so we know that this request for insight focuses on the freedom to make choices.  The fact that two out of the three fives are kings is also meaningful; this is a reading about mastery. Because there are no members of the Major Arcana, the context for these insights is H.S.’s everyday life rather than her/his soul’s agenda for this lifetime. There are no other two-of-a-kind or more in suits or numbers.

The spotlight has been on the four of wands, building a new foundation to house your skills and talents.  Your skills and talents, M.D., are good enough, strong enough, and alive enough to provide you shelter out in the world beyond the walls of the castle. You are in the process of embellishing your new “jumping-off” point. Celebrate and keep going.

The spotlight is now on the King of Pentacles, the master of integrity. This king has managed to be “in the world but not of it.” He walks his talk, and his word is his bond. He is consistent in adhering to the best and highest values, and he is just in all his dealings. Many consult him, and many admire him. That’s you, H.S.

The spotlight is moving toward the five of cups, mourning what has been lost or is now missing. This can be anything from a feeling of what you don’t have “enough” of to the loss of a friend, colleague, or relative. Be gentle with yourself; feel the sadness, and then, let it go. Turn and feel gratitude for the two cups that are still standing and full. Allow yourself to once again feel the celebration that is present in the first two cards. You are on your way, H.S. Good luck.

The summary card is the King of Swords, mastery in the area of resolving conflict. This card appears in a reading when you have earned the right to declare what will be done, what is, why, when, where, and how. If someone asks, “How come . . .?” you are entitled to say, “Because I say so.” You have the authority to override the arguments and differing opinions.

Does this make sense? I hope it was helpful.
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