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3-Card Reading for M.D.

M.D. has requested an interpretation of the above cards that were drawn according to the protocol of silently completing the sentence, “Please give me some insight into __________.” M.D. has not told me what (s)he has put into the blank space. The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit. Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier. If we include the summary card, there are two wands and two fours (queen=13=1+3=4) in this mini-reading, so we know that this request for insight focuses on M.D. using her/his skills and talents to establish a new foundation, a new location from which to build. Because there is just one member of the Major Arcana, the context for these insights is primarily M.D.’s everyday life with only a slight connection to her/his soul’s agenda for this lifetime. There are no other two-of-a-kind or more in suits or numbers.

The spotlight has been on the Queen of Cups, blocked and/or repressed emotions.  Using Nelson’s Emotion Code, we find that there is only one blocked emotion, and it is low self-esteem.  Using Theta Healing, we resolve this on the History Level and remove it from the other levels and from all that is, was, and will be of M.D.

The spotlight is now on the four of wands, establishing a new foundation. Your skills and talents, M.D., are good enough, strong enough, and alive enough to provide you shelter out in the world beyond the walls of the castle. You are in the process of embellishing your new “jumping-off” point. Celebrate and keep going.

The spotlight is moving toward the nine of wands, putting all your eggs in one basket. You are multi-talented, M.D., but you have been leaning heavily on just one of your many skills and talents, temporarily turning your back on the others. This has caused you injury. It’s time to pick up at least one more of your wands to help you deal with anything you find on your chosen path. Not just relying on one will bring you ease and happiness.

The summary card is the Hierophant, sometimes called the High Priest. Again, this is you. You have access to information from higher realms and people come to you for help and advice. Your intuition is strong, and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. This card is a five, and fives represent the right to make choices. Sometimes, in an effort to be helpful, you tell too much, so you must learn to guard your words and pass on only the information that will be helpful and is of the highest and best. If you do this, your words will be a blessing both to you and to the one(s) seeking your help.

Does this make sense? I hope it was helpful.
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