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Reading for B.F.

B.F. has requested an interpretation of the above cards that were drawn according to the protocol of silently completing the sentence, “Please give me some insight into __________.” B.F. has not told me what (s)he has put into the blank space. The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit. Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier. If we include the summary card, there are two wands and two threes in this mini-reading, so we know that this request for insight focuses on B.F.’s skills and talents and the way (s)he expresses them. Because there are no members of the Major Arcana, the context for these insights is B.F.’s everyday life rather than her/his soul’s agenda for this lifetime. There are no other two-of-a-kind-or-more in suits or numbers.
The spotlight has been on the four of swords, the foundation of conflict. The key to this card is contained in the small window seen in the upper left corner of the card. B.F., you have led most of your life up to this point judging people as either takers or givers and seeing yourself in one or the other of those positions. You have also accepted the labels that others have put on you as belonging to one side or another as well. Now, you have withdrawn because you are tired of the conflict. It is time to view all humanity as connected to each other, and realize we are parts of a larger whole; nobody can give unless there is someone to receive and vice versa. It’s time to stop competing and giving away your power. A wise friend of mine once said, “What someone else thinks of me is none of my business.”
The spotlight is now on the King of Cups, mastery in the arena of feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities. You are at the top of your game here and can ride the ups and downs of the watery realm without even getting your foot wet. You are balanced and consistent, in touch with your gifts, and able to function as an authority figure.
The spotlight is moving toward the three of wands, a level of completion. You have recently finished a project or phase of your life, have let go of it, and are looking at it from a higher perspective. You have hopes and wishes but not direct control any- more. You may very well be wondering what to do next. This card shows up to remind you that you have developed new skills and talents in the most recent phase of your life, and it’s time to make use of them now and not just settle for the “same old thing” you used to do in the past when you had free time.
The summary card is the Knight of Wands, who is at the full-blown expression of her/his skills and talents but wonders if (s)he has enough energy to complete the journey to mastery. This card shows up to reassure you that you’ve got plenty of energy to spare, and you can move beyond doubt toward your stated goal. Taken as a whole, it looks like you are well-situated to begin the next project and/or phase of your life with a new appreciation for the value and connectivity of humanity. You are an uplifter and a leader. Good luck, B.F. Does this make sense? I hope it was helpful.
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